The Mission of Pacific Wind Arts (The Wind) is to build a source of pride and recognition for Central Long Beach through the creation of a community sculpture garden, offering landmark public art pieces and educational programs. The Wind celebrates universal consciousness, cultural diversity, and creative expression of the people of Central Long Beach.
Trace Fukuhara founded The Wind in 1999 to honor the spirit of his parents and to bring beauty and joy through art and gardening for the residents of Central Long Beach. This was the original sight of the M. Hara Nursery built in 1953, once owned and operated by Henry and Mary Fukuhara, Trace’s parents. Pacific Wind Arts is a non-profit community organization.
Trace Fukuhara, of Pacific Wind Arts Sculpture Garden, has been an artist since he was a child. Everyday during his childhood, he would walk across the street to his parent’s nursery. He would draw in the dirt, build with pots and cans, and dig up clay to make animals and “things”. Now that he has returned, he resumes making things, but on a larger scale and out of more permanent materials.
Location: 2095 Martin Luther King Ave.
Long Beach, California 90806
Hours: Call for Appointments at (562) 599-6663